Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar’s Humanities and Social Sciences discipline initiated in 2015-16 a semester course on Introduction to Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) with a view to exploring India’s intellectual, scientific and artistic knowledge traditions. The uniqueness of this course lies in the way it is designed to lead the student to an intimate understanding of the classical thought traditions and practices of Indian civilization through an insider’s perspective.

The course is taught jointly by eminent scholars specially invited from various parts of India, along with a few faculty members from IIT Gandhinagar. It provides students with a rare opportunity to listen to and interact with those scholars and experts.

This website includes the scholar’s profiles, the abstracts of their lectures, and selected suggested readings relevant to the course. Videos of some of the lectures will be uploaded soon.

The course is open to all without prerequisites. Anyone from any institution or university can audit it for free after registering with the course coordinators. (Those taking the course for credit will have to pay a fee, however; they will receive a certificate at the end; contact us for further details.)